• 28Jul

    Earlier this year a new member of the dev team convinced us we should use Sandcastle to generate documentation for our C# code. I like the idea of publishing documentation and didn’t have anything yet, so gave the go-ahead to set it up. We ran into all sorts of issues, but after several days finally got it working with our continuous integration and automatically published the documentation our dev server. I was pleased.

    The problem is, nobody used it. The output was only organized by namespace and didn’t have any type of search. So you have to guess the namespace and drill down to find what you are looking for. It felt like a reference book without an index.

    After running across some recommendations for Doxygen and reviewing sample output, I thought I would give it a shot. I played around with it for a bit then set it up with CruiseControl.net and publishing to our build server within a couple hours.